Wondering which destination in Europe should be next on your list? Have a look through the following Top 7 destinations for ideas.

Loire Valley, France

Following the Loire as it winds through the picturesque valley you can stop off at any number of fairy-tale French chateaux.

Chenonceau, for example, looks like something straight out of a Disney movie. It was bought by Henri II for his governess turned mistress, who upon Henri’s death, was promptly evicted by his wife, who moved in herself.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a beautiful, relaxed city, with culture to match any other European destination. A trip here wouldn’t be complete without a visit to La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece.

This stunning cathedral is still under construction a century after it was begun. Designed to seat 13,000 people, the interior structure is reminiscent of a forest, with graceful organic supports and mottled light falling through beautiful windows.

Rome, Italy

Boasting the world famous Colosseum, Rome is a must visit city. Take the ultimate European selfie in front of the ornate Trevi Fountain, and perhaps hire a scooter for an authentic Italian experience.

Pamukkale, Turkey

Visitors to Pamukkale are mesmerised by the otherworldly beauty of the travertine pools draping the valley side. Deposited by hot springs over millennia, the pools contain warm water; sunbathe and swim amongst submerged limestone columns.

This idea also appealed to the Romans who built the spa city of Hierapolis whose ruins can also be found here. Visitors stroll down remarkably well preserved Greek-Roman streets, temples and theatres.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is the most sparsely populated of the European countries. It boasts panoramic views of stunning landscapes, and – of course – the Northern Lights.

From the capital city of Reykjavik you can catch a boat late at night for the elusive, Northern Lights experience, or hire a 4×4 and take a driving tour to hunt them down yourself.

Moscow, Russia

Everyone is familiar with the onion domes of St Basil’s in Moscow’s Red Square, but few have actually been to visit this incredible city for themselves. While you are there be sure to visit The Kremlin, and perhaps take in a show at the Bolshoi Theatre.

Paris, France

Of course the Eiffel Tower just has to be one of the top destinations in Europe. If you are feeling fit, why not climb the 1665 steps to the viewing platform at the top? You might need to take the lift back down though.

Or perhaps you’d prefer to feel jelly-legged for a different reason, and join the countless people who have popped the question to their beloved at this most romantic of Europe’s cities.

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